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La sorgente miracolosa


Tale typology
Intercultural traditions

Age Suitability

Tale summary
There is a footway in the old wood where the tweet of the birds made a wonderful song. Under the shadow of the trees there are beautiful flowers and a green carpet. Allium ursinum is a medical plant, it grew in a wet soil. At the end of a hill there is a cave, inside it there is a source. The water is rich of minerals. One day a halting shepherd reached the cave with his sheep. He stopped the flock and he washed his ill foot under the water, he slept nearby and when he woke up he was healed. It was a miracle! The new reached many people and the person who had walking problems went to the source and became healthy. Doctors and scientists advised ill people to go to the source. They had discovered that there were many other sources under the ground, these sources came out in the wood.

Educational potential / Learning Outcomes
Discover the stories and cultural diversity of a people.
Discovering the places and beauties of a country other than your own
Respect for nature
Nature as a source of body care.
Full Plot
A path leads towards a beautiful valley and leads into an old forest of oaks and
pines where a song of birds makes a wonderful concert and their spectators are
the statuary trees. Under their shadow grow multicolored flowers and a carpet
Allium ursinum green (Garlic of the back) as far as the eye can see, reaching the heart
in the woods. The garlic of the back is a medicinal plant that feeds wild animals and
heal those who need it. But the land where it grows is very moist!
Surely it is spring and there are also rainy days.
At the foot of a wooded hill there is a cave where, inside
a source comes out.
Drops of water shine like precious stones at the top of the spring.
Water is rich in minerals that only the earth itself knows its secrets.
(iodine, iron, sulphur).
One evening, a shepherd and his sheep appear. He is a local man.
His step is slightly limping.
When he reaches the cave, he says to his sheep: Leee! ...girls, now we're resting!!!
After the long walk she lies down at the entrance of the cave and begins to wash in the
He spends a quiet night, full of life and energy.
strange dreams. In the morning brings good news!
The shepherd wakes up and his foot doesn't hurt him anymore and he starts to jump up and down!
His frightened sheep start to run away, but he continues to celebrate!
He sings, whistles...he understands that his foot is healed.
And he cries out: "It's a miracle, it's a miracle!".
In those days, people would walk to the places and when they met they would
told their life stories.
So from word to word the news of the miraculous spring has arrived at the
people's ears. All those who walked on crutches went to the
and returned to their homes without them.
Internationally renowned doctors and scientists encouraged the sick to do
with this water. They had discovered that there were others under the ground
springs and then always come out in the middle of the beautiful mysterious woods!
So what do you think about that forest?
One Lesson Plan
Re-ELABORATION as an expressive form, which becomes a moment of creative expression and communication at the same time, to illustrate abstract meanings and tell the real world and that of imagination. The graphic-pictorial and manipulative activity is one of the most typical expressions of man. This function consists in the possibility of mentally recalling the content of previous experiences and no longer present perceptually. This offers the possibility to mentally organize the representations and concepts thanks to the action of MEMORY that keeps the object itself a representative image, recalling with thought what was perceived previously. Unlike the more circumscribed perceptual horizon, the representative field is wider. In fact, the child succeeds in TRANSFERING IN THE DESIGN and in the process of re-elaboration through DOING the greatest possible amount of passive knowledge through the construction of rich and always developing schemes. With the graphic trace it represents the reality of an object. GRAPHIC SIGNS in our laboratories have all been REPRESENTATIVES of experience.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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