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A number of multiplier events were organised in order to present the TIK project results to potential stakeholders.


Date: 2 Mar 2022
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Multiplier Event and Final Conference of the TIK Project

Date: 31 Oct 2019
Location: Guadassuar, Spain

Ayuntamiento de Guadassuar organised the Final Conference of the TIK project in order to present the results achieved with a specific focus on the two Intellectual Outputs: the Guides and the Toolkit and Media Collection.

The event was attended by teachers from several schools, directors of educational centers and people related to the world of education.

A full resentation of the TIK portal was made, and this encountered the full appreciation of the attendees, that though that it was very intuitive.

The presentation of output 1: Teachers´Guide and Families Guide, raised a debate in the audience, all conclude in the importance of the family in the education of the little ones.

The output 2: Didactical Toolkit for Kindergardens. The participants find the videos about the legends and all the materials that accompany them very useful pedagogical. In general it is concluded that the materials are very useful for dealing with children with cross-cutting issues outside the educational curriculum.

There has been a demonstration of how to use these materials in a classroom, with students with special educational needs.

The conclusion of the round table has been that:
- Materials, legends and activities, can be useful for working content not included in the programming.
- That the materials are in English is especially useful, here in the Valencian community, since teaching in English is being included in the curriculum.
- Visual materials, videos, drawings, photos, ..., are very useful for work in children schools.

A Video of the event is available at:
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Multiplier event in Lithuania - Traditions and innovations @ Kindergarten

Date: 25 Oct 2019
Location: Kaunas - Lithuania

In the middle of the autumn, 55 participants: educators, parents and everyone interested in fairy tales, who wanted to know more and to hear international good practice examples and experience gained in Erasmus+ project "TIK: Traditions and innovations @ Kindergarten" and to understand why fairy tales are so important to us and how they could improve communities development, gathered at the seminar, organized by eMundus.

Seminar started with fairy tale which takes in consideration 5 senses and which inspired participants to feel real atmosphere of the particular event.
Participants were introduced with project results in detailed (didactical toolkit and the guidelines created by TIK project team) and experience from teachers gained during TIK international courses in Spain.

Project associated partners shared their good practices how they tested project results in their institutions and which impact they had.

Also teacher and manager from Mazeikiai Waldorf kindergarten "Namuciai po Smilga", explained secrets of fairy tales and shared her experience on how project activities were implemented in their kindergarten, telling fairy tales and reflecting with children. Seminar was finalized with performance made by Latvian lecturers, it was fairy tale in theatrical way.

Even got very good feedback and participants expressed their wishes to use the results in their institutions.
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Mulitplier Event in Romania - The role of traditional stories in the personal development of pre-schoolers and the benefits of Erasmus+ projects

Date: 20 Sep 2019
Location: Iasi, Romania

During the period 18-20.09.2019, 25 pre-school teachers and 13 parents have been involved in the TIK Multiplier Event, including 3 sessions: 2 workshops for teachers and one for parents entitle “The role of traditional stories in the personal development of pre-schoolers and the benefits of Erasmus+ projects”. The purpose of this mix of 3 activities was to work first with teachers and to multiply the didactical toolkit and the guidelines created by TIK project. The workshop with parents had the role to multiply the guide dedicated to them and the use of stories to bridge the gap between parents- pre-schoolers- kindergarten/ teachers.
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Multiplier Event in Italy - Pre-Schools between tradition and innovation

Date: 22 Jun 2019
Location: Agliana, (IT)

USR Toscana in cooperation with Istituto Comprensivo Sestini has organised an entire day dedicated to the Multiplier Event of the TIK project entitled “La scuola dell’infanzia tra Tradizione e Innovazione” (Pre-schools between tradition and innovation”.
During the morning a conference addressed to educators and experts in the definition of educational policies has been organised, involving two well known experts in the field of psychology and pedagogy: Cinzia Mion and Giancarlo Cerini, who moderated a common reflection on the role of narrative based approaches in pre-school pupils and the future perspectives for the development of pre-school offers. The discussion saw also the active participation of Sara Pagliai the director of the Italian National Agency for School education projects, INDIRE, who addressed specifically the perspectives in internationalisation of pre-schools.
The conference also saw the contribution of Dr. Lucia Corti, representative of USR Toscana, who presented the TIK project, its impact and the Intellectual Outputs produced, to the audience.
During the afternoon the work continued involving the pre-school teachers representing Istituto Comprensivo Sestini, who described the activities carried out involving children and their families and organising workshops sessions with which the Intellectual Output of the project were implemented and exploited.
The whole event saw the participation of more than 60 people and more than 120 children.

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TIK project participating in the Friday for Future events in Tavarnelle

Date: 31 May 2019
Location: Tavarnelle (IT)

The TIK project was presented through a dedicated stand during the events organised by the Istituto Don Milani for the Friday for Future initiatives in May. Results of the storytelling activities were presented to families participating in the events.
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Mulitplier Event in Spain - Xano Channel presents the TIK projectin CEFIRE, Valencia

Date: 23 Nov 2018
Location: Valencia, Spain

Xano Channel organized the Multiplier Event of the TIK project in CEFIRE of Valencia

During the multiplier event adressed to headmasters and techers of pre-school and primary edcuation M. Sonsoles Jimenez presented the two intellectural outputs

IO 1 – Guides for the innovation of pedagogical approaches in ECEC
Teachers’ Guide providing pre-school teachers with a consistent set of learning materials to develop the necessary skills for improving achievement in basic cognitive and transversal pre-cognitive skills of their pupils in early childhood education, through a fruitful cooperation with the pupils families.
Family caregivers of pre-school pupils Guide in order to raise their awareness on the importance that pre-school has in developing cognitive and pre-cognitive skills that are fundamental in the transition to compulsory school.

IO 2 – Didactical ToolKit for Kindergartens
The Toolkit provides didactical materials presenting traditional tales both of the local area in which the children live in and of the countries/traditions of the children from other countries and/or ethnic groups who are present in the participating schools.
The Toolkit will provide preschool teachers and pupils families with innovative, media based tools to be used with children to make them autonomously learn about different traditional tales, start to face diversity of cultures, and interpret the story and describe them through creativity i.e. drawings, collages etc. and promote cognitive and non-cognitive social skills among the children through the discovery and presentation of traditional tales through images, pictures, photos and videos.
Even presented the impact of the Project in the asociated schools

The whole event saw the participation of more than 40 headmasters and teachers of pre-school and primary education.

A Video of the Event is available at:

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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